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Job for Arabists Business Solutions

is a true international eco-system which provides a wide range of services from business consulting, HR and recruiting to comprehensive language support for businesses and government organizations since 2015.

Our company focuses on:

comprehensive language and HR solutions, business consulting and international commercial activities support, bespoke services in cross-cultural communications based on our expertise in the Arabian Gulf, Middle East and Northern Africa.
Cross-cultural communications: we integrate business with Arabic and Oriental studies
Comprehensive preparation of companies for set up and doing business the Middle East
Talent acquisition, HR and recruitment in Arab countries
Career consulting and HR support for business
Headhunting of highly specialized professionals for various joint-venture projects
Recruitment Services
Corporate University
Language Services
Business Cluster
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HR and Recruitment
HR and Recruitment
- HR & Recruiting of any complexity, including Executive Search
- We train Arabists in various industries for their future work in the Middle East
- "Boot camping" for highly specialized professionals to work in Arab countries
- Search for talents suiting employers that are greatly concerned with entering the Middle East and Northern Africa region
- Forming talent pools for businesses in the Arab countries
- Providing comprehensive HR support for businesses
Our Exclusive Employers Club
Our Exclusive Employers Club
- We offer employers exclusive access to the largest database of Arabists ever
- We find highly specialized professionals to work in a specific industry, saving your time and money
- We perform screening of middle and senior managers with work experience and oriental expertise
- We check the level of the language command and true expertise
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Cross-Cultural Communication Courses in the Middle East
Cross-Cultural Communication Courses in the Middle East
We discuss how things are done in the Middle East in the new reality together with analysts and practitioners possessing a work experience in the region.
- Introductory consulting course on the specifics of working in the Middle East and cross-cultural communication
- Analytics on interaction with the Arab countries
- International commercial activities and transactions in the Middle East and Northern Africa: reference points and pitfalls
- Getting ready for negotiations: the Arab decision makers ethnopsychology and timing for making decisions
- Career guidance, career consulting and employment lifehacks
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SpeakAR Arabic Online School
SpeakAR Arabic Online School
- Learning Arabic from scratch (individually and in groups)
- Arabic for advanced learners and families with bilingual children
- Business Arabic for managers and highly specialized professionals
- The Arabic corporate studying (offline or at the Corporate's premises)
- Studying any of the 23 Arabic dialects
- SpeakAr leaner's Speaking Club meetings
- Summer field language internships in Arab countries
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Cooperation with Leading Universities
Cooperation with Leading Universities
- Full-time language programs at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) for Arabic translators, simultaneous interpreters, international trade managers
- Career Days at RUDN and MGIMO: career guidance workshops for students and graduates
- RUDN International Club of Employers: Employment of Arabists in the countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa
In-house language services provider
Written translation from/into 100+ world languages
Interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous) from/into 100+ world languages (offline, online and hybrid format)
Language localization of websites and mobile apps
Commercials translation with time-codes, voice over and/ or subtitles on any of 100+ world languages
Legalization of documents (birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, etc.)
Language support of international exhibitions, forums, conventions and conferences
All the services are provided in accordance with the ISO Quality Control Standards
Organizing, arranging and providing with a comprehensive support for Road Shows and Business Missions to the Middle East
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Consulting for businesses to enter and operate in Arab countries
Arrangement, preparation and support of meetings in B2B and B2G formats
VIP support of delegations and business representatives from Arab countries in Russia
Comprehensive annual business support in the Middle East
Online Service «Bespoke Srtategic Advisory 24/7”
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Textbooks and guides for the Arabic learners
Children's and fiction literature in Arabic
Translations of the world classics literature in Arabic
Keyboard stickers and overlays with Arabic letters
Books published in conjunction with Job for Arabists
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Periodicals in Arabic
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Highly Specialized Professionals in Different Industries
You will be able to reasonably assess your prospects and figure out the risks of entering the Middle Eastern markets
You will expand your scope and scale
You will receive a step-by-step guideline for solving industry problems in the Arab countries
We will introduce you to the ins and outs of the Middle East ethnopsychology and business culture
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We will find talented and motivated Arabists for your business, reducing your costs for consultants and HR agents
We ourselves will check their language level and regional expertise
We will prepare them for work in your economic realm in the Arab countries
You will save time and budget for the searching and training newcomers with no experience in the industry
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Benefits of Working with
Job for Arabists Business Solutions
Our team members are experienced practitioners with knowledge of the Arabic language and a deep understanding of the regional history and culture, the Arab way of thinking, business culture, political and economic situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa countries.
We know that an Arabist is not only a linguist and translator, this is a certain mindset, a special temper and a unique skills mix. Nowadays doing effective business with the Middle East region is hardly possible without professional Arabists.
We ourselves went the career path of Arabists from the positions of ordinary employees to top managers. Our team possesses over 25 years of cumulative experience in the Middle East and Northern Africa region: operational and managerial, corporate and entrepreneurial.
Each of our experts is competent in their field: HR services and recruiting, career and business consulting, language and regional studies, establishing and registring companies in the Arab countries, online marketing and e-commerce in the Middle East region, international trade and support of export / import and re-export operations, legal support of all activities, localization of sites and mobile apps.
Understanding the Middle East
and Northern Africa Countries Character
We are the experts in cross-cultural communications and follow the latest development trends and environment of the advanced Arab countries.
We comprehensively assess opportunities that the step into the Middle East gives to your business - from registering your company and tax residency to setting up production, searching for partners and distributors, strengthening your position in a state-of-the-art international center for selling your goods and services to markets with over 2 billion consumers.
We not only understand the cultural specifics of working with Arab companies but also understand the ethnopsychology of the regional inhabitants, the ways of building a business and the timing of decision-making.
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A Selection of the Current Middle East Vacancies
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The best career opportunities for Arabists in the countries of the studied language!

Send us your CV and be included into the talent pool of the leading employers in the UAE and the Gulf countries
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Dr. Viacheslav Eliseev
Founder and CEO of the International Eco-System "Job For Arabists"
— Founder and CEO of the International Eco-System "Job For Arabists", translation bureau "Arabist" (Russia, Egypt, UAE), the school of Arabic and SpeakAR dialects (, online store of Arabic books in Russia (, a center for international services for business adaptation and localization in the UAE (
— Orientalist with Arabic language ( Arabist), expert in cross-cultural communication with the countries of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, translator and interpreter (15+ years)
— Russian University of People Friendship (RUDN) graduate, PhD degree in linguistics
— The author of the Russian translation for the first time in the last 20 years of the history of Russian-Emirati cooperation of the Emirati children's book "The Mango Tree" by Dr. Alyazia Khalifa (published by EKSMO, Russia 2021)
— Staying in the UAE since 2012
— LinkedIn profile:
Elena Olkhovskaya
Executive Director of Job for Arabists
— Journalist-Orientalist, expert in cross-cultural communication, translator and interpreter
— Staying in the UAE since 1996
— Editor-in-Chief of the number of Russian-language publications in the UAE: "Aviamost" (1998-2002), "Russian Emirates", "Business Emirates", and "Keys of the East" (2004-2012)
— Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the art and culture magazine "Art Plus" (2013-2017)
— Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online project (2017)
— Regional expert and Orientalist specializing in the Middle East. Ural Federal University graduate

Anastasia Bloem
Executive & Team coach acc ICF
Executive & Team coach acc ICF
— ACC, ICF member, Acting Head of the International Relations Committee of ICF Russia Executive MBA
— 13+ years of international experience (Russia, France, Burkina Faso, South Africa)
— 10+ years in procurement and supply in positions from specialist to Director of supply of a gold mining enterprise in Africa
— Experience in managing an international team of 35 people.
— Languages spoken: English, French (I conduct coaching sessions)
— Program Director, mentor and coach of coaching training programs, Human Capital LLC
— Author of articles for the magazine about business coaching

Аlena Тavintseva
Head of the International Consulting Company "Business without Limits"
Head of the International Consulting Company "Business without Limits"
— Head of the International Relations Committee of the RO "Supports Russia"
— Federal Coach of the REC Export School
— Mini MBA Coach under the "Export Standard for SMEs"
— Program Acting Exporter of goods and services

Personal achievements:
— Brought UAZ cars to the Iraqi market
— Bringing manufacturers to the Arab countries market: household chemicals, interior doors, paint products, etc.
— Participating in international exhibitions in the UAE, Vietnam, China, Moscow
— Expert on doing business with the Middle Eastern markets
Irina Kryuchkova
Expert in logistics and customs operations in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA)
Expert in logistics and customs operations in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA)
— Owner and General Manager of TransNet Company, a member of the NAFC - Association of Logisticians in the UAE.
— More than 20 years of experience in the region. Unique expertise in the field of cargo transportation between Russia, Europe and the Middle East


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